Peak summer heat has arrived and all the kids are home from school. While having nothing to do for three months may be great for a few weeks, we all know that our kids begin to get restless quickly. Finding fun and active forms of play that reduces screen time becomes an essential for parents and guardians. At Stretch-n-Grow, we know water games can be a great option to get outside and beat the heat. While going to a community pool and running through the sprinkler in the yard spring to mind immediately, there are lots of ways to incorporate H20 into your summer plans!

While we think about ways to have fun outside with water, it is important to remember that we can’t have fun unless we’re safe first. When you’re outside, always use a water-proof sunscreen and stay hydrated when spending time outside, especially in the summer months. Take breaks and monitoring the temperature ensures no one overheats or gets sunburned.

With those outdoor basics out of the way, here are some unique ways to have fun with water this summer:

Make slime! This YouTube trend is a fun and inexpensive craft that can be made with different recipes, but most of them involve borax and water. These recipes can be made into different colors, consistencies, and some even bounce. Taking this activity outside spares the counter-tops, and allows for more fun. For older kids, take this opportunity for a brief science lesson too.
Water balloon olympics: For the price of a pack of balloons from a dollar store, you can set up a series of summer games the kids will never forget. Whether it is a toss-and-catch with baskets on their heads or musical chairs with balloons on every chair, finding creative games to play with water balloons can be a unique afternoon, or even a rocking party idea.
DIY Mud Run: The mud run isn’t just for grown ups anymore! The Mud Run is a large obstacle course style race characterized by crawling, climbing, and getting incredibly muddy. Making a small version in the backyard can be a way to get the kids off the couch and release their energy. Be prepared to get dirty and then hose off.

What are some of your favorite ways to keep cool in the summer? Making memories this warm time of the year doesn’t have to be full of sunburnt noses and sitting inside, staring outside. Get outside and try these and other fun activities, and get moving!